Tokyo, Japan (Part 3)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Last Part! Tokyo Disney Sea and More.


Man made beach.
There's a big city out there.
This is it!
So delicious <3
City lights.

Temple visit!
I can see the Tokyo Skytree from here.
It's time to read my fortune :)

Cotton candy!
Yoshinoya for lunch.
New Year's Eve celebration! Last night in Japan. :(
Our December vacation in Japan was definitely a good one. I really like the Japanese people. They're polite, respectful, punctual, and hospitable. When exploring Japan, instead of riding a bus or getting a cab, I recommend you to use trains and subways if possible because it is way more faster and cheaper. As of the price range of different stuff, I must say that they are very affordable, plus, there are places that the goodies are tax free. I'll surely go back to Japan the second time around someday. One more thing, I also recommend you to use Japan Airlines (JAL) because they give high service quality even for an economy class. With them, you're treated like a VIP.
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