The Rib Shack

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ribs. Pizza. Pulled Pork. 

The Rib Shack. I'm really happy to write a post about this one because I really love this place. The style of this late night restaurant is so homey, with all the wooden stuffs; the tables and chairs, the ceiling, plus the hanging light bulbs, makes it so cozy. It all makes me want to hang out with my loved ones, just relaxing, enjoying the food, the time, and all the talking.

Moving on, let's go with the real attraction, their food. We ordered their ribs (It's Complicated)Buffalo WingsMeat Lovers pizza, and chocolate shake. Let's start with my favorite, their ribs! It is called "It's Complicated" since it has 3 sides which you can choose from Buttered Garlic Spinach, Buttered Vegetables, Coleslaw, Garlic Potato Balls, Grilled Corn, Mashed Potato, and Potato Fries. What I like about their ribs is its tenderness. It is very delicious and perfectly cooked. I really like the fact that it's the sweet type kind of ribs. The 3 sides we ordered; Buttered Vegetables, Garlic Potato Balls, and Mashed Potato, which all tastes good.

Their Meat Lovers pizza is quite good for me but my mother loves it. It's a thin crust pizza (obviously), it's cheesy, and has just a right amount of meat toppings.

Buffalo Wings is also my favorite from the said restaurant. I like that it's not too spicy, just right, unlike other Buffalo Wings in other restaurants, and the chicken itself is not dry which is a good thing.

Last but not the least, is their chocolate shake. I really like the fact that it has chocolate ice cream and chocolate drizzle on top. The shake tastes really good too, not too sweet and not too bitter. I also like how they present their food, especially here that they use mason jar to make it look more appealing and presentable.

Thumbs up for The Rib Shack, great food at affordable price.
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