Neul Bolm Korean Restaurant

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Korean Restaurant Just A Few Meters From Sky Ranch. 

We've been dining here since, especially when we're craving for Korean and we're in Tagaytay. You can see it on the left side of the road, just a few meters from Sky Ranch. We ordered Ssambap with a choice of Samgyubsal and Cha dul Bagi. One order of their Ssambap can be shared by 2-4 persons. Their Ssambap includes variety of meats, ours are grilled side pork and part of beef silicates. The Ssambap also comes with fresh baguio petchay, two kind of lettuce, petchay tagalog, sesame leaf, mustard leaf cucumber, steam cabbage, and many more. I like their food because their meat are tasty and  tender, the rice is served hot, and their vegetables are fresh and crunchy. For their soup, I don't remember if it's included or not though. For less than P1000, experience Korean cuisine at Neul Bolm Korean Restaurant in Tagaytay.
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