Lobo, Batangas, Philippines

Lobo, Batangas x Punta Verde Resorts

Monday, September 5, 2016

A Taste Of The Island Life.

Last end of July, we went to Punta Verde Resorts in Lobo, Batangas to have a short escape from all the business in school and in the workplace. Though it was a long ride going there, it was definitely worth it. When I was in Punta Verde, I felt like I have a paradise of my own even just for two days. Their staff were incredible. They were lovely! They're very accommodating and friendly as well. They even shared stories to us about their place, and you just see how proud they are and that they really want to improve the tourism in Lobo. The food they serve were awesome. They have big serving and the food tastes good, especially their chicken, grilled liempo, and their homemade longganisa. Also, their prices were budget friendly. Well a bit downside of Punta Verde was they don't have a television in the room and an internet connection in the whole area, but in this manner, you can fully relax yourself after swimming in the beach or in their infinity pool. Just have a nice bath, good thing they have a heater, you can choose if you want a cold or warm bath, and you're off to dreamland. Plus, they do have a really big room which have 2 single comfortable beds, 1 relaxing king bed, spacious and well designed comfort room, and a great balcony with a nice view. They also have a small museum and I recommend you to check it out if you can. It's really a must. I really enjoyed our whole stay in Punta Verde.
Rating: 3 out of 3.

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